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Mrs John Murphy

Another historical question

Has any research been done on riders of any nationality who fought/died during WW1?

With mass conscription is seems likely that many of those riders who participated in the first races would have been of military age.

With this as the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War I wondered if anyone has written on this and I have missed it.

Hope that this helps!

More than one article in l'Equipe, but I threw them out.  A couple of articles in Velo (French) also.  Clearly the theme of the route for a few days.  Tended to focus on French riders though.

Any particular question you had in mind?  I will try to look it up.
Mrs John Murphy

billgull wrote:

Hope that this helps!

Thanks, that's really interesting. It would be nice to see something fleshed out from these quotes.

The 1914 Tour was the last before a five-year suspension due to the war. Of the 145 riders that day, 15 of them, including three Tour champions, would die in the fighting.

In all, an estimated 45 cyclists who had raced in pre-war Tours were killed in the 1914-1918 war, according to cycling historian Jean-Paul Bourgier.

The Tour itself has a complicated history with the war. Its founder, Henri Desgrange, joined in the warmongering, using his L'Auto newspaper to issue a lusty call for his countrymen "to go get those bastards."

"When your rifle butt will be on their chest, they will ask you for forgiveness. Don't let them trick you. Pull the trigger without pity," Desgrange wrote, according to Graham Healy's book "The Shattered Peloton."

After the war, Desgrange pledged to never let a German rider compete in the Tour, a threat that was never carried out.

The Champions were mentioned in the article but not the others. Has anyone read the Healy book?

The reason why I ask is that in the village where I live there is a war memorial, at the train stations I use there are war memorials (to railwaymen who died). (I also know two people writing about war memorials).

Is there any memorial to the riders who died.

Interestingly the Fox article focusses upon the Allied riders who died, but we can assume that German, Italian and Austro-Hungarian riders also died.

You might not have to look further than one of our own for the details.  BG's brilliant Guardian articles culled from '100 Tours, 100 Tales' continue to illuminate...

Any chance of hard copies BG?
Mrs John Murphy

How fab, now if only they would let her write about Armstrong and or doping.

She's planning a book about British women cyclists, so that probably comes close in your scheme of things, MJM.
Mrs John Murphy

Sounds good. I look forward to it.

As long as she doesn't get muzzled.

She needs to respond to this bullshit:;spr_id=1456_69794940#comments
mr shifter

CapeRoadie wrote:
She needs to respond to this bullshit:;spr_id=1456_69794940#comments

I think I was a lot nearer to Death than that Pillock but I'm not a Druggy personality.
What has Livestrong achieved with all that money, any breakthrough at all. ??
There are many other "Charities" and Medical researchers that have achieved some results for which I am grateful.
Mrs John Murphy

He does seem to be spending a lot of time trying to rehabilitate himself.

I noticed that Liestrong were saying they'd welcome him back.

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