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An Appeal....

...don't worry not money.

On Wednesday night there was a road traffic accident outside our house, Mrs S and I were first on the scene. A motorbike rider had gone into a car and been killed outright, we all watch dumb horror movies but seeing the blood and brains scattered on the road really makes you think. I haven't slept since and I don't think Mrs S has either.

I ride bikes, this guy was to blame, he was going too quick. Our drives pull straight onto a major trunk road we can barely see out safely. Despite regular appeals to the council, we can get NO traffic calming measures on the road, it's been a horrific couple of days.

My appeal to you all: Any friends you have who ride motorcycles or bikes please remember that where you see houses in rural areas there's likely to be traffic, please take it steady and preserve your own lives. FOr the Motor cyclists remember a throttle works both ways, opening it up speeds you up, shutting it off SLOWS YOU DOWN.

Please tell your friends and family, whether they are riding motorbikes or driving cars, slow down in inhabited areas, every life is precious.



A sad story Donald for all concerned.  Point taken on board.

What a horrilbe experience!  There are some awful things happening at present.  I've had the news on for the last couple of days hearing the story of the shootings in Cumbria.  Best regards to you and Mrs Y.  Hope it doesn't haunt you too long.

Terrible accident. I have a friend that never wants to ride a motorcycle because of an accident he witnessed a number of years ago similar to this one.

I've always been of the mind set to ride defensively. Make sure the drivers see me before I pull out, etc. Works most of the time, but I still see drivers who will look at me and still pull out anyway. He did see me because we made eye contact. Anyway, this has served me well both on the bike and motorbike.

Hopefully, you'll get some better sleep soon. Have you tried melatonin?

So sorry to hear about that SS - a terrible tragedy but also a horrible experience for you. I hope you can clear your head of it .

As a car driver, motorcylist (not the doping type), cyclist and pedestrian, I try and be as safe as possible but you can never rely on other road users or a lapse of concentration

Such a horrible thing to happen. I hope you and Mrs SS are all right. Lisa and I witnessed something shocking a few days ago to. We were driving to Brighton and saw a cyclist on the floor with blood oozing from his head. No cycling helmet. His friends were around him and had called the ambulance. Not sure what happened to him or how he is now, but he was conscious and talking to his mates.

Life is so precious.

So sorry to hear about the accident you witnessed - such an awful thing to have happened and to have witnessed.

Worried to hear you haven't been sleeping - talked to my husb (a therapist) - he said if it persists beyond a week- 2 weeks find someone to talk it out with - could be a counsellor or just a trusted friend - someone who will listen and not offer any solutions, just be totally non-judgemental.

Ignore this if everything is OK or you think I'm talking bollox, just know when I had my accident it really helped to be able to talk it through and get over some of the issues it raised for me.

Take care and thanks for all you've done to turn this forum around Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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