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Amy Williams - Blatant bandwagon jumping!

Well there may have been no "communion" or "imagined communities" when Amy Williams won her gold medal in the downhill tea tray event in Vancouver, but it transpires that her local pub in her home town of Bath is the same house of ill-repute where Mrs Slowrower and I wasted our student grants [cough cough] years ago.

Based on this, I feel at least half that medal is ours. After all, without the generous subsidy we passed to Terry the landlord all those years ago, Amy might have had to sup elsewhere and history might have been very different.


Nice one SR!

She must have killed a lot of brain cells there to want to do skeleton. More badass than all those so-called extreme sports.

She's not the only one to have killed a lot of brain cells in that particular establishment...Smile

All the "sliders" are f-ing stupid if you ask me. Headfirst, feet first or in a metal box makes little difference to the sanity quotient. Smile
Mrs John Murphy

Don't knock what you can't understand SR.

Sorry - that was a cheap shot against the theory you put forward.

I'm not up to speed with the terminology, but in general, I don't have a problem with the general concept of people deluding themselves into thinking they have a bond with either a particular practitioner of an discipline or fellow followers when in fact no such bond exists.

What I doubt is that such delusions are the main reason why people tune in to watch the OGs / World Cup etc. and support their national team.

Either way, I think to describe the widespread watching of the OGs as nationalism is to do proper nationalism, where large numbers of people do rather more extreme actions than waving a Union Jack, a dis-service. For many, I'd guess the OGs take the place of the usual array of mindless TV or films and the sport is just high quality drama / entertainment that is given high prominence on the telly.

I'm sure I read a survey in a UK after the Beijing OGs where the most memorable moment was Usain Bolt winning the 100 metres. The nationalists would doubtless have been surfing for news of the Archery qualifiers involving the Brits (no disrespect to Archery intended here) at the time, but the masses were presumably watching the 100 metres final, in which British interest was limited to the fact that most competitors came from ex British colonies.
cardinal guzman

Sport is the perfect arena to exorcise any parochial demons. I'm not naturally parochial in life - but I am with sport - it's cathartic.

SR, while I tend to agree that, for most people it's just more of the usual wallpaper, I think the coverage very much reflects a kind of hypernationalism - you'd think Hazel Irvine et al had gone down every run on the tea tray with her

BG - I usually turn the volume off or leave the room when the likes of Barker, Irvine or Balding are let loose. They are just there on a taxpayer funded beano and add nothing to the spectacle.

You just need a man or woman in a studio to provide info on the schedule and results. The action generally speaks for itself, except for curling, which is so boring that it snores for itself. Smile

Curling boring?  Its like crown green bowling on ice - much better spectacle than all the damn ITT in nearly every other event IMO.

Bartali wrote:
Curling boring?  Its like crown green bowling on ice - much better spectacle than all the damn ITT in nearly every other event IMO.

Speedskating, snowboarding, snowcross are three sports you might wanna check out to see head to head competition on the same "run" as it were.

I'd love to see a bunch start in at downhill and giant slalom events as well....Smile

Spot on Tex!  I saw the snowcross a few days ago and was riveted!  Amazing spectacle.

The short track skating team event is total chaos.  The tags/push-offs and having 16 (?) skaters on the ice at one time is wild. Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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