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Amsterdam for the Giro d'Italia

it occured to me last night that heck with the giro started in amsterdam and 3 stages in Holland, it'd be an ideal time for a trip to holland for the Giro, No?

from my calculation i could see:

- the opening stage
- start and finish of 1st road stage (Utrecht is 30 minutes from Amsterdam by train)
- start of the 2nd stage

so that's what i am going to do and i'vbe made hotel bookings and flight bookings.

i'm looking forward to it. i've not been to a professional race before so it'll be an experience

everything's booked. there's no chickening out.

go for it...ciao
last km

Will look forward to your in depth report Nolte..enjoy

Enjoy. Nice one.

Re: Amsterdam for the Giro d'Italia

Nolte wrote:

- start and finish of 1st road stage (Utrecht is 30 minutes from Amsterdam by train)

Cycle across and beat the pros to the finish
cardinal guzman

Have a great time Nolte.

- If someone offers you some craic in Amsterdam - don't accept, it's not the same thing! Very Happy

cardinal guzman wrote:
Have a great time Nolte.

- If someone offers you some craic in Amsterdam - don't accept, it's not the same thing! Very Happy

phew, i'll bear that in mind Very Happy

here's a handy annotated map of record shops you might like

click to big it up

1. concerto
Utrechtsestraat 60
i found my tools and p*nct*re repair kit to be strapped under my saddle in one of their bags today. go there.

2. plaatboef, now velvetmusic
Rozengracht 40

3. record palace
Weteringschans 33
might be a bit second-hand and expensive for you. opposite paradiso

4. recordfriend grammofoonplaten
Sint Antoinesbreestraat 64

bear in mind i may like second hand stuffs more than you.

notice that the pavement date is scheduled for the 8th, but well uitverkocht already. you should try something else at the paradiso anyhow. look at the melkweg too.

check the cardinal's old thread for other stuff to do when Laughing you find yourself at a loose end. if my cunning future financial solvency plan comes together and i win the lottery between now and then, i'll see you there. have funs.

cheers maffy Smile

that's cool

Enjoy Nolte it all sounds good. Amsterdam is a good city to visit in any case.

enjoy Nolte! Its a great experience. so much energy and excitement. Plus ts the Giro....WEEEEEEEE HOOOOOOO.
The best GT of em all!

yes, it's now all depending on whether flights from dublin can leave on friday

damn iceland. i thought i gave enough support to the icelandic economy

Good luck with your travels. Fingers crossed you make it over.

I still can't decide where to watch it from. I love being right at the start because of the added tension, at the end (but they're just going too fast) or maybe on a technical section for a bit of drama!!!!!

or maybe on a technical section for a bit of drama!!!!!

definitely my favorite spot. less crowds great viewing.

The Giro in Amsterdam ... it just isn't right!!

right, arrived on friday evening. after resting my limbs, took trip to see the time trial xcourse. you could tell where the course was on friday night (they were in process of putting up barriers) but the big indicator was that the bins around the course were empty (rubbish collection strike in amsterdam. it was unpleasant but rubbish on the ground. i'm kind of a germaphobe but let that not be a deterrent)

on saturday morning, went out in the morning to see some riders out practising. had plans to visit maffy's links but got sidetracked watching all the cycling. walked alot of the course but not all of it with watching cyclists. first time i spotted were the colnago-csf squad out early. also spotted the astana team early. then the serious ones started warming noted. if i could change my fp on saturday morning, it would havbe been cadel evans. he seemed most serious. the thing that surprised me was that the riders went out as individuals in alot of cases (csf being an exception). alot of the time, you'd see 2 or 3 out at once from the same team but they were usually mixed with others. a katusha rider and caisse d'espargne guy seemed very intent in a long conversation (possibly katusha being juan horrach) for about 2 laps Wink

the corner where we were finally stationed at was a troublesome one if it had stayed wet. alas, god was not merciful and it stayed dry.
Cadel evans had tested the corner twice in quick succession going back over it and trying again. so did linus gerdemann. also spotted ivan basso with vincenzo nibali together (and mr. harmon says they don't like each other?). the bouygues team were the last ones spotting in training and i don't think we say them all in training.

over well when it came to the time trial, you could tell who was going for it and who wasn't. alberto loddo had an early wobble (his line choice would be similar to how i corner except for i don't have the luxury of the whole road to work with and i have to be careful of the cars). it was easy to tell when a rabobank rider was coming up, a load cheer was raised from a good bit. omega pharma and quickstep were also vert popular in my section of the crowd but maybe there were a lot of belgians there. a funny moment came when the motorbike came and crowd started laughing as the motorbike really had to slow down for a footon-servetto rider who seemed to had got lost.

you could tell bradley wiggins was going for it. but ewveryone rider was cheered on at the points (i did my fair share except for vinokourov who i did not applaud)

overall, good day

on sunday we went to the early morning presentation of the race with the italian woman and dutch man. it was a spectacle. most riders waited until the last 10 minutes to sign on (thomas voeckleur was about half an hour before everyone). Mr. daniel martin was hopeful in the sign on. instead of placing his bicycle on the railing like the other cyclists, he went to place it on the giro trophy table. marking his claim on it? maybe but now he's 10 minutes behind so i don't think anymore Smile. Damn irish.

saw the start of the race, cadel evans was off the back early on the streets of amsterdam. dissapointing evans. after that, made the trip to utrecht for the finish by train.

got the train, i am nervous when going to places that i am unsure if i'm on the right direction, got on the train that i think i should have been up and asked the person if i was right that it was to utrecht and he answers "no, no, you're wrong . this is the 8b (this is a different system to the irish train platforms)" at this point the person behind him cocks up his head and asks me where i was heading, i reply "utrecht" and he tells me i was on the right train. at this point, you can see the first guy grab all his stuff and make a dash for the exit Very Happy

nice train trip to utrecht, leave at utrecht central station. at this time, i was concerned where the finish was but i decide to have food in the restaurant at the train station first. nice place, the server was very good and went through the menu with me as she could tell i could not speak dutch which was wonderful. nice salmon sandwich. two cups of tea. i must note that the dutch do the tea in that they bring you a cup of boiling water (or glass of boiling water) and a tea bag on it's own for you to do what you do with it. in the argentininan steak house where when ordered tea, they brought out a suitcase of 12 teas for you to choose. i went for the strong stuff as the server mentioned

anyway i eat up, have another cup of tea and head out to try to find the finish. at the train station, they were giving out maps to the finish so i was trying to identify where i had to go. i note queen beatriv theater on the map and spot it to my left and then realise i just have to walk straight to be 140 meters from the finish line and stationed right beside the big screen Very Happy which was great. i was on the barrier at the finish. by the time i got there, race was 90km from the finish. talked to some good dutch people while waiting at the big screen. incisive cycling comments from them.

yeah that's basically it. big bang theory is on now so i'll add tomorrow if i rembmer anything more
last km

thanks Nolte....maybe you could carve out a career in travelogues  Laughing

Thanks Nolte - super write up!
Slapshot 3

Nice write up Nolte. thumleft

Bart if Amsterdam is bad just wait till they get to Washington Crying or Very sad Forum Index -> Around the World
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