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mr shifter

Amstel Gold 20th April 2014

Sorry about this but I want to put an FP on the board.

FP.....Phillip Gilbert, please.

Things happen in this household and I finish with missing the time cut off.

I have posted an FP thread here

Anyone watching, looks like the race just began.

Fontfroide wrote:
Anyone watching, looks like the race just began.

I'm watching (despite it being a beautiful day in the West of Ireland...)

Slightly damp and previously raining in the South of France.  Good day to watch the race.  Although it has not got the strong flavour of the previous two big classics.  Might end up being a charge up the last hill, and a sprint.  Fair enough.  But catching up on emails is easy to do.  I miss little.

you're right, I fear... interesting rather than exciting... that last climb will be everything...

The last climb will be good, at least.
Then the sprint.

taken well by Gilbert, but a little predictable....

Yep, not a lot to this particular race.  Still….

Off to do something about taxes.

ventoux wrote:
taken well by Gilbert, but a little predictable....

Well I was a bit surprised to see him display that kind of form again. I didn't think he had it in him anymore to ride away from a chasing field like that.

Had an hour or so to myself after visits and family stuff earlier today. Well timed for watching as it turned out. I thought it was enjoyable enough to way to spend a bit of Easter Sunday afternon - very sunny here too.

you're right, of course in relation to Gilbert.... I rather meant it was a predictable race in that someone was going to do that, and all that went before was of little consequence....

I had to watch it from a recording.
Carbon copy of last year, but for Kreuziger and Gilbert hanging on this time.
Lovely marking out of Gerrans by Valverde, once again.
Vanendert must have seemed invisible.

I'm afraid the AGR just doesn't rock my boat.

Watching recording too .... Rebelin 13th  Shocked

Glad to see Gilbert pull it out. Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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