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Amazon Kindle

Has anyone got an Amazon kindle or similar and if so, what are the pros and cons. What are the best types of "electronic book readers"?

i stare at computer screens for 8 hours at work, a further one hour when i come home and that's my objections

i don't want to spend anymore time staring at computer screens

plus i like the product of a book

I'm with you on that Nolte, I love the feeling of a book, but I've got to the stage where I just want most things electronic. I've given away alot of books recently to charity/ There are many books that I want to read, but don't necessarily want to keep and because I travel a lot, I thought it would be an ideal way to have a lot of books to hand (so to speak) without the problems associated with carrying them.

I have a sony e-reader and it's seen some good service.

- it's light (lighter than a hardback or meaty paperback) and stays charged for weeks - saving space when travelling.
- it's a gadget
- if I forget my glasses I can make the text bigger (I'm forgetful so that's a big plus for me)
- My house is too full of books
- You can download classics for free.

- if you read something good you can't lend it to anyone
- a limited selection of new books
- new books in the Sony format are not cheap (often more than an Amazon paperback)

overall it's hard to justify the expense, but the electronic ink display is excellent and reading it is a pleasant experience (it takes about 5 mins to get used to and is nothing like a scrolling light-emitting screen).  My reader came with 100 classics pre-installed and I've read at least 20 books that I've always meant to read but never got round to, which is great.

I still have a huge pile of books by the bed though and I'm currently using treeware for a novel that isn't available electronically.

My friend who has a kindle has said that the screen is much different from the look of a computer monitor. Much easier to read and easier on the eyes.
happa gal

Yup....I have a Kindle and absolutely love it. The book downloads are fast and easy. Amazon also has magazine articles you can download for free. You can adjust the font size....if that is an issue. Super easy on the eyes. Definite thumbs up!

grrr wrote:
I'm currently using treeware for a novel that isn't available electronically.

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