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All Team Members of JC are Cordially Invited to Attend ...

... the following ceremony where my daughter will become a Medical

The selection of the commencement speaker was Brilliant! One could
say that he is a Brilliant Doctor!  Smile

On June 17th, she will commence her residency training as an Orthopaedic
surgeon. It is a five year program.

The Chief of the Ortho. dept. at UPMC is:

Please note near the end of his bio., there is a reference to cycling!

best regards/wishes,
One Proud Father, billgull ...

Congrats to your daughter Bill!!!

Quite an achievement. I'm sure the parents had a hand in helping too. Smile

Congratulations Bill!

Larry Brilliant hehehe!

That's fantastic news, Bill. Congrats to "Junior".
Slapshot 3

I've read stuff about that place and it's treatment of hockey injuries.

Great news Bill, hope she has a brilliant (!) time there

Mucho congrats Bill

Congratulations to your daughter Bill.

Wish I could come, AA being one of my favourite towns on earth.  But … Pal of mine runs the AA Bed and Breakfast if you are ever in need.  But he only knows my actual name, not Fontfroide.  Give your daughter a hug from another Michigander.

Here are two photos from graduation day in Ann Arbor:

The Doctor

billgull, bill, jr. the doctor and the boss


YouTube video of the commencement ceremony. It runs about 1 hour
42 minutes. Daughter gets her diploma between 1 hour 12 minutes and
1 hour 15 minutes. (Her name is: Catarina).

Larry was absolutely B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T!!!

Hey ... congratulations to you and yours Bill!!  Looks like a great day.

Quite a building, quite a ceremony.  Nice to feel the Michigander Wolverine vibe. Forum Index -> Dr.Fuentes Consulting Room
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