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Adam Hansen

Surely the 3 GT's deserves its own Adam Hansen thread? Smile Not only is he closing in on his tenth consecutive Grand Tour, but he has continued remodelling his own hand-made shoes.  He now has the weight down to 62 grams per shoe which he has achieved by dispensing with the cleat bolts and replacing them with kevlar ribbon.  I have a lot of time for those that dance to their own drum while also managing to be thoroughly professional and aware of their place.  Seriously, how many consecutive GT's can he ride?

Wow!  I think the shoes are awful ... but you have to admire his perseverance with them.  Oh ... and chapeau on the 10 consecutive GTs - thats no mean feet! (pun intended)

i also don't like the shoes. but that kevlar ribbon thing is damn clever from a float pov too.


he can do loads until he likes a ladywoman too much. he gets beertokens for it.

He lives in Czech and doesn't like the idea of hanging around with cyclists in Girona or Monaco, he is a computer programmer, insomniac, and likes a beer. He is a bloody good domestique and I would much prefer a pint with AH, cack shoes and all, than a pineapple juice with Rapha Ritchie and Chris Wink

Nice training camp pics

This TDF is his ninth actually, the Vuelta will make it ten

He talks to mere mortals on the weightweenies forum too.  Class act!!!

Hansen's disc wheel for today Smile


I like the wheel Smile

My initial reaction was that the biggest sprocket looked big for a TT, but it's only a 25 after all. Either an optical illusion or yesterdays deferred Chimay is kicking in.

Naturally he is lined up for the Giro.  Turns out that Lejeretta didn't hold the record, Ruiz rode 12 straight from 1954 to 1958 so Hansen is now chasing that.  Nice Stokes interview...

He's in the break today  Smile

Crowd pleaser...

Any news as to adam hansen's dnf in the zlm toer today?

I'm thinking a dnf for hansen is much like the cycling equivalent of man bites dog

Looks like a bad enough crash, as he first tweeted this...

but he tweeted this later, so maybe not too bad...


I didn't realise how strange his bike setup is - particularly his 180mm cranks.  His reasoning behind it kind of makes sense though...

AH: I have a huge handlebar drop from seat height. I use 180mm cranks, ride 38cm handle bars and have my cleats pushed back as far as I can.

It sort of goes against what everyone says, and against what the team mechanics tell me. Cycling is a very cultured sport and has a huge history, which is very special; but some people are a bit stuck in their ways too.  I love getting in to talks about crank length, and people will argue that mine are too long and that you spin slower. They think your leg speed drops - but in fact its faster as the rotation gets longer. At 100 RPM on 180mm cranks, compared to 100 RPM on 172.5mm cranks, the leg speed is faster on the 180mm cranks.

You have more leverage too. Tell someone to take a nut from a car wheel with a 10cm tool. Ask someone to do the same with a 100cm long tool; which is easier?

The point of cycling is to be efficient, save your power for the final. Now look at it in this sense; Im 186cm tall. If another rider is 156cm tall and we both use the same crank lengths, who has longer cranks based on crank length ratio to leg length? This little guy is on huge cranks compared to me. I dont understand how everybody thinks that riders should be using the same crank lengths.

Ok thats just about the cranks, and I will stop here because I could go on for hours on cleat position, seat position over BB etc.

A very interesting rider and person. I wish I found this thread last year. Go Adam! Smile

Meanwhile, on Planet Hansen...

Adam Hansen ‏@HansenAdam 16h16 hours ago

Happy I survived 2day. Which is a great sign. But I also learnt the next 3weeks will B the hardest Grand Tour of them all. #Going2Hell&Back

Adam Hansen ‏@HansenAdam Jul 5

AC dislocation. Same shoulder as 3 weeks ago. Was told its going to be the most painful 3 weeks 4 me. I eat pain for breakfast. Bring it on!

So, 16 GT's in a row racked up and onto 17 in the Giro.  I enjoyed reading this little piece that reveals the anatomy of a breakaway win and the psychology involved.  Apparently there is a bit more to it than cycling faster than the other lads... Wink

Always nice to make it to Milan. Its the last stage of the Grand Tour and Im happy. We had a very up and down Grand Tour. Last year we won four stages and this year we won only one. It was good to have Andr in pink and have a stage win with him. Maxime Monfort also did well. We finished with five, so it shows how tough this Giro dItalia was so it was good to finish it.

It wasnt easy. They think Ive got a hairline fracture in my palm, so its very painful. I always like to finish things that Ive started, so I finished it.

i feel the same way about books Smile

Adam is in today's break with Nils Politt and Romain Hardy.
Might be 3 more riders coming across.

Unfortunately it appears that Hansen's streak is over at 18

Adam Hansen is now in the Vuelta squad, asRafa Valls has broken a hip in a training crash. Forum Index -> The 3 GTs
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