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A Tough BREAK!

Received a phone call from the daughter this afternoon. She was on her
way to classes this morning in Ann Arbor and slipped on some ice and

The friend that she was walking to class with insisted that they go to
the ER and get her checked out. Bottom line -- she broke her ankle.
When she phoned me she was back in her room with a cast on her leg.

She was upset that her Nordic ski season was ruined. I told her that the
reason that she is going to medical school is NOT to become the next
great American Nordic skier. My concern is will she be able to get to
her classes -- NOT skiing!

Anyways! A Tough BREAK!  Sad

Agreed. Hopefully she will recover quickly. Smile

Sorry to hear that Bill.  Hope she's on the mend soon!

Sorry to hear that. Good she had a sensible friend with her as she sounds stubborn enough to have gotten back up and carried on walking.

Speedy healing to her ankle!

good grips for shoes should be added to her christmas present list, bill Smile

any way, hope she recovers quickly from this Forum Index -> Dr.Fuentes Consulting Room
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