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A Clean Tour? Kimmage calls it 'very creditable'

Kimmage with some pep in his step...

PK: You're never 100% sure but the performances of Voeckler, Rolland, the other French riders and Garmin all send out good signals.

Seeing the favourites in a state of exhaustion drives home the fact that we were watching an absolute circus through the 90's - something I've been saying for a long time.

PEZ: You're not happy that Contador is riding?
PK: No, the Spanish Federation should not make the decision - do you think that if Sean Kelly had failed a test, back in his hey day, the Irish Federation would have banned him?

He wouldn't have served a single day!

It's too parochial, it's shouldn't be down to the UCI - McQuaid and Verbruggen should resign, there's currently no accountability.

The decisions should be with WADA, not the UCi.

PEZ: What would you change in cycling?
PK: I'd get a big broom and I'd sweep out Riis, Bruyneel, Kim Andersen . . .

. . . then I'd sit down with all the other DS's and go for a root and branch change in mindset.

Get McQuaid and Verbruggen out, get the policies like 'no needles' in place.

It wouldn't take much - just a bit of honesty.;status=True&catname=Latest

But didn't he say Kohl was clean cos he looked knackered?

FWIW though, I think it was cleaner this year. Forum Index -> The 3 GTīs
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