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Slapshot 3

A Christmas Message

I had a lovely email from a forum member last night with a Christmas message in it. It was a lovely way to receive a greeting. Despite the online personas and "attitudes" we portray we maybe should always remember that we are all just people with our good and bad points.

I'd like to say thanks to Berck for all his help through the year, keeping the spammers at bay and some of you lot in check..Wink Can I also say thanks to all the regular posters for the support you give Berck and I even when we might do something you don't all agree with. Any actions we carry out are done with the best interests of the forum and it's members at the centre of them.

Anyway, hope you all, regulars and lurkers alike, have a very merry Christmas, get the cycling goodies you wanted from the big man in red and enjoy whatever break you have.



Thanks Slapshot,

Thank you too for all your support and help with all!

Thanks to all for their support on the site too. Its wonderful all the different types of perspectives we all share and learn from over cycling and all other ideas that are shared.

Merry Christmas to all!

A Peaceful and Happy Christmas to all.  

Merckx be with you


Thank you, Slapshot and Berck for your work throughout the year.  It is much appreciated.

A very Merry Christmas to all, and let's hope for a trouble-free 2012.

Thx SS3 and berck ... and a merry xmas to one and all!

yes, a big thank you to Slapshot and Berck for all the good work this year.

Happy Christmas to everyone.
Hope it's a good one for all.

Merry Christmas yo!

I didn't see this thread until now. Belated Happy Christmas everyone Smile

Been in a bit of a communication vacuum, so belated Happy Christmas and New Year! Forum Index -> General Forum News and Issues
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