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Mrs John Murphy

4 riders killed in Kalamazoo

Very sad, and knowing that Figgs came from that area I hope that he was not involved. (Albeit 6 years since he was last on the forum).

Well, well, well ...
mr shifter

billgull wrote:
Well, well, well ...
Well, well I feel sick, having read that.
A man in sporting disgrace should turn up to put a foul smell to a solemn occasion.
My sympathies go to the families for their loss and his nieve insult.
He has no value in attending.

But then they could be happy about him.  Rolling Eyes

I was surprised that Frankie and Betsy did not drive over from Detroit to
spend some time with Lance.  Rolling Eyes

It appears that Betsy A. chose to take part in the Ann Arbor ride for
the Kalamazoo cyclists. She is pictured in one of the photos near the
end of the photos. No word about Frankie being at the event. Though, I
suspect they were not doing the ride to get their names/photos in the
local media website. Unlike some other cyclist, who will remain unnamed. Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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