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2014 World Tour Teams

It appears there won't be any battle for selections. Only 18 teams have applied for 18 licenses. 12 are considered approved and only six are vying for the remaining six.


Is this an issue with the economy, who is willing to still sponsor cycling, or both?
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Combination of economy and the unsettlement there is within the sport primarily with the UCI, other than the Tour and the Northern Classics, everything else looks a bit ropey right now. Financial misdemeanours at RCS, teams struggling for their budgets, races stopping...... plus you still have Horner holding out for that BIG contract, can't h read the writing on the wall.

The sport needs to set it's house in order before we'll see any major investment at any my humble opinion...

Sounds about right SS.

One one hand, I think sponsoring a cycling team is a good deal because of the naming right. But on the other, what's a sponsor really getting for their mulla? Being able to name the team is fine, but cycling is a niche sport. When not that many people watch in the first place what's the point of splashing the brand everywhere? Where's the exposure?

I'd be interested to know how many sponsors cover their investment through increased business. I know US Postal put some figures together and whilst I can't remember the exact numbers, they certainly didn't turn a worthwhile profit; the ROI was mediocre at best. And this was before all the USADA business is taken into account.

I will try to find one example Beasley, but I have read numerous times that there is a way of calculating exposure time/cost for a brand and also another way of calculating brand recognition increase amongst the people at large.  On both counts cycling is meant to be an extraordinarily cheap and effective way to get the brand out.  I am utterly certain I have read this numerous times.  In other words, simply baed on the cost of advertising, that is getting the name out and mentioned, cycling is a very good deal.

I will look, but not tonight, its late.

That was be useful, Ff. Thanks.

The obvious example is ONCE, who pulled out of the sport because they saturated their market - everyone knew who they were! I suppose that's the ultimate success, really.
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Its all about publicity in a. your market sector and b.the locality or globally if that's the "locality".

As an example, when I was running the local Ice Hockey club we fought for sponsorship everywhere. I had two meetings one day at two ends of the spectrum, one was a local building contractor who was keen to help us. He was offering us 5000 over two seasons for his company name on shirts and programme space. That advertising never hit the locality unless any pictures made the local media but even within the sport he felt it was valuable advertising.

The other was one of the major oil companies looking to invest in local sports.  The money involved was huge as far as we were 30k per season concerned but their aims and demands were beyond a level we as a club could sustain. The onus was on us as a club to ensure their "advertising imprints" made the local media and we had to guarantee a number of national media imprints as well. Now we came up with all sorts of ways of doing it but we just couldn't seal the deal.

A club of volunteers has a set of limits a professional sports team has to set their equivalent standards to the markets their sponsors want to flood.

I once read an article about why SAXO got involved with Bjarne Riis and found it quite a clever bit of marketing. They are an investment type bank and with the recent rise of the moneyed MAMILS they had a prime target for the SAXO name.

I don't see any massive money coming into cycling for the next couple of years and we could see more teams fold. As it is the Saxo team are looking at 15% pay cuts just to survive next year because that tosser Tinkov didn't get his way.

I think once Brian Cookson sorts out the Independent doping questions and T&R, he and the UCI have to find ways of bringing sponsors into the sport in support of the teams at all levels and genders, the shit state of the UCI is probably a bigger factor in the money walking away than anything else!! Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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